Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Hi! We are HTA, the Healthcare Technology Association NZ, and we will be responsible of the usage of the personal data that you provided to us. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime, by any of these means:
Address: 12 Grafton Road, Auckland 1010
Email: healthtechhta@gmail.com 

How will we use your data?

The only personal data we will have from you is the one you provide to us through the forms you can find on this website, or through the event subscription website in Eventbrite.

- If you had any questions and contacted us through the contact form, we will use your data to answer your questions.
- Fill in the membership form, according to the relationship that you are going to have with us. We will use your data to manage your membership (which includes adding you to our member list, and notifying you about our HTA events through email).
- If you gave your consent to sign up to our newsletter, we will use your data to send you our newsletter through email when we release it. If you ever get tired of it, no worries! You can always let us know that you want to unsubscribe.
- If you signed up for an event in Eventbrite, we will use your data to include you in the event's assistance list.

How long will we store your data?

We will keep your data for a different duration, depending on the way and the purpose you contacted us:
If you contact us through the contact form, we will keep your data as long as we need it to reply to your question. As soon as we respond to you, we will erase the data.

If you signed up as a member through the membership form, we will keep your data as long as you are a member of HTA. When you want to stop being a member, we will erase the data.

If you subscribed to our newsletter through the newsletter form, we will keep your data as long as you are interested in receiving our newsletter. When you unsubscribe from the newsletter or email us asking to stop sending it to you, your data will be erased.

If you are an existing member and you only want to stop receiving our newsletter, but you still want to be a member, we will just stop sending you the newsletter, but your data will not be erased, as we still need it to manage your membership.

If you signed up for an event in Eventbrite, we will keep your data until the event takes place. As soon as the event finishes, we will erase your personal data.

Who will use your data?

We will not send your data to anyone. This means we will be the only ones that will use and be responsible for it.
If we need to communicate your data to any other entity (for example, in case we join an event organised by any other association that requires us to provide an assistant list), we will let you know.

However, we use third parties' services to check on the list provided below.

What are the rights you have regarding your personal data?

Regarding your personal data, you can ask us:

- To access the data you gave us - access right.
- To stop using your data with specific purposes (for example, if you want to stop receiving our newsletter) - limitation right.
- To correct and modify the personal data you provided to us - correction right.
- To completely eliminate the personal data you provided to us - suppression right.
- To remove the consent you gave us to use your data with the purposes shown above - consent removal rights.

To do any of the above, contact us through our email, and we will be glad to help you. If you feel that we did not provide you with what you asked, you can lodge a complaint with your country's data protection authority.

How do we keep your data safe?

We gather your data through our website, using different contact forms. The data we receive from you is secured by logical access measures, which means only authorised Committees of HTA with access credentials will be able to see it.
Also, we use external parties services to manage the website and your subscription. You can check their security measures and privacy policies here:

Eventbrite (event subscription services)

Typeform (membership form services)

Netlify and Medium (website and newsletter services)

How can I take a look at this policy again?

If you need to reread this policy, you can access it anytime on the link provided at the bottom of our website.

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