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Digital Doctors - The Future of Telehealth in NZ

In the wake of COVID-19, services dependent on synchronicity and location arise barriers for healthcare professionals to provide services to some patients. However, with the current technological advancement such as Telehealth, these patients who were once unable to have easy access to healthcare can now do so.

Furthermore, Telehealth can also be beneficial for patients who live rurally, or even perhaps inmates. Nevertheless, healthcare providers must take patients' privacy and security into careful consideration, and they must ensure extreme measures to prevent any cyber breach.

Healthcare in the Post COVID-19 World​

The adoption of technological innovations in the healthcare industry can be slow to adopt. However, healthcare organisations that were once focused on implementing emerging technologies and advanced analytics are now forced to act more rapidly to manage COVID-19, as it is arguably a matter of life and death.

As one of the first countries to successfully unite to fight against COVID-19, there are plenty of things to be learned from New Zealand's public health system. In this event, our speakers talked about the key learnings from this pandemic, which emerging technological solutions have been applied in New Zealand, and what changes we are hoping to see in the near future of the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Professional Development Workshop

CDES X HTANZ are here to host a professional development workshop to gear-up our STUDENT members.

Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

Can your next doctor be treating you from another country? Can software like Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S be the one that keeps your health in check? Well, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Digital Twin technology is the key to the future of healthcare technology.

In this event, our guest speakers talked about why we need healthcare innovations, how such revolution technology will change the way diagnostics, treatment, and delivery will impact the patient, why such technology has not been fully rolled out yet. The night discussed the pressing issues that can dramatically change in the sphere of healthcare.

Healthcare Data, Where is it heading?

Healthcare is democratizing as it is becoming more accessible to people. Simultaneously, data is growing and flowing across our healthcare systems faster than ever. Where healthcare used to operate as closed, siloed institutions with the research hospital at the hub, causing the flow of information to simply go from expert to patient, the digitization of patient health records has allowed data to flow more freely.

Nevertheless, How fair is data in healthcare? Who decides how your data or your patient's data is shared and how easily you can access it?

AI & Digital Doctor

Artificial Intelligence is creeping its way into Healthcare, and digital doctors are ready to be your next colleague in the clinic. Treatment of diabetes shows better and cheaper results from an electronic clinician than face to face one. This is only the beginning of a new era as mental health services and other aspects of health achieve new heights through technology.

Our guests from The Icehouse and the Heart Lab explore to how investors decide to put their money into Health Tech ideas and what robots are already doing in our industry.

Kicking off HTA’s first event of the semester, we got a glance into the future, to stay ahead of the latest innovation in this space and made the most of the opportunity to mingle with professionals from a range of exciting backgrounds.

Genomics & Next Generation Sequencing

The great advancements in building the bridge between Science - Technology has enabled mapping the human genome and understanding how our genes influence our day-to-day life. Next-generation sequencing facilitates genomic researches and helps increasing awareness about inherited diseases and disorders. We engaged and networked with leaders from different Health sectors and fellow students to foresee future career possibilities and interests.

Women in Health IT 2019 Conference

HTA is committed to advancing the careers of high-performing professionals. We addressed the gender gap in health information and technology, and the need for more community, resources and recognition of women who have made a difference sector-wide. At the event, we engaged with our peers and encouraged the next steps to further our guests careers while connecting with and empowering women in our field.

Attendees met with women in the healthcare technology field to increase their leadership opportunities and expand their knowledge - to engage in thought-provoking conversations that address not only gender-related challenges but job-specific issues and career planning tips. 

Digitalisation in Health
​How can data reshape your health?

The use of modern technologies and digital services is not only changing the way we communicate; they also offer us innovative ways for monitoring our health and well-being.

By innovating in digital healthcare, we can support our ambition to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality of care, make our health services more person-centred, and personalise medicine for each patient's unique needs. It gives people the opportunity to be provided with "smart care" in a homely environment so that they could live in an independent style.

This event will drew young professionals across Healthcare, Technology, Pharmaceutical & Medical industry, and beyond to confront the most challenging healthcare dilemmas and uncover new solutions. Digitalisation in health warmly welcomed senior leaders from two major healthcare companies -- Orion Health, Vensa Health and Mercy Radiology -- that explored best practices, deliver practical tools, and disseminate useful information to industry professionals around the topic of Digital tech in healthcare.

Biomedical & Engineering Event

Following our formal 2019 launch night, Biomedical & Engineering Event involved a practical twist in which attendees had the opportunity to have a more hands-on approach to discovering the many facets of Healthcare Technology.

The workshop consisted of two stations; the first in which artificial intelligence in patient-user interaction is discussed and another that focuses on wearable medical devices.

Both workshops involved a short introduction and a review of the relevant applications in the current industry, followed by a related activity afterwards, which allowed the participants to explore the different aspects of the discussion. 

NZHIT Emerging Health Tech Innovators "Meet Up"
Health Technology in Private Sector

At this event, we heard two talks from an Open Source Technology Specialist and Clinical Decision Support Specialist. Both speakers explored the key drivers for technology integration in health and successful strategies to embrace technology in the event.

Business cases and practical examples were provided throughout the talk to explain how private healthcare providers in New Zealand are moving to a more integrated position by default.

What is Health Tech?

Duncan currently has an active research programme examining the use of mobile computing technology in neuro-rehabilitation; He provided an interesting talk which gave a brief overview of Health Technology in rehabilitation.

He is the director of the Centre of eHealth, Associate Professor in Rehabilitation at AUT and the ABI Rehabilitation Fellow. 

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