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Healthcare Technology Association is a community for professionals and students interested in applying technology in healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. We discover insights and advance knowledge by using technology to accelerate healthcare transformation.

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The HTA community hopes to create an open and respectful environment for people across sectors, connect people, and further encourage technology implementation in the healthcare system. We serve our members by arranging social events and sharing the latest information to members Internationally and Domestically. We're seeking individuals who are passionate about the future of health technology.


Our Aims

We strive to drive development and adoption of healthcare technology in our current healthcare system.
We intend to build a space to connect healthcare professionals, technicians, policymakers, students, and other interested individuals in this area.

Our Mission

Improving the patient's experience of care - including quality and satisfaction. 
Improving the health of populations.
Reducing the per capita cost of health care.
Sanjana Vyavaharkar

Hi I am Sanjana and I'm one of the Co-presidents for HTA this year! I am currently in my 5th year in a health science and science conjoint degree at the University of Auckland with a keen interest in digital healthcare and healthcare policies. My multidisciplinary degree has allowed me to explore many fields and grow a passion for data analysis and public health. I eventually want to be working for an organisation that allows me to make change in the lives of individuals and communities. My experience for interning with non-profit organisation acts as a bridge between my theoretical knowledge and practical application to the healthcare system . 

Jacques Cantin

Hey! I'm Jacques, and I'm one of the Co-presidents for HTA this year! I'm currently studying at UoA towards an LLB and BSc - majoring in Statistics and Physiology. I've always had a keen interest in healthcare and tech - from a mix of personal experiences in the system, curiosity about healthcare and therapeutics - on the tech side, I have a keen drive for innovation and development. As the healthtech space is always evolving, I'm looking forward to getting involved in the industry and to learn as much as I can!

Brijesh Sandhu

As the treasurer of HTA, Brijesh monitors the cash flow and looks after the organisation's financial health. He is an undergraduate student at the University of Auckland, pursuing a conjoint in Bachelor of Laws and Commerce. With a passion for exploring technological advancement in various industries, he is currently majoring in Information Systems while working as an Academic Infosys Tutor to interact with like-minded individuals directly. He looks forward to learning about technology in the healthcare sector and expanding his network through his role at HTA.

Gabriel Siman
Publication Reporter

I am a born and raised Aucklander and I am currently in my 4th year in a health science and commerce conjoint degree at the University of Auckland. Professionally I am interested in digital healthcare, health IT, and healthcare informatics. In the future I would like to become a healthcare technology consultant, helping healthcare organisations transition towards a more digitized platform. Outside of school and work I am a keen piano player, recently picking up guitar, and an urban walker.

Simran Sonawalla
Events Team Lead

My name is Simran Sonawalla, and I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology. My interest in getting involved with HTA stemmed from a session on mental health in the digital age that HTA hosted in 2020. The intersection of how technology can play a role in improving healthcare outcomes for communities and promoting inclusiveness and equality has always been of interest. Ever since, I've been committed to a larger purpose to develop solutions to improve our society's quality of life and well-being.

Hai En Tan
Events Team Committee

I am currently studying my Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Auckland and concurrently doing an industry internship, so I am excited to be on the front line of NZ’s biotech and healthcare tech space. I also have a life science background from my BSc in Physiology and a keen interest in nutrition. I feel that the convenience we enjoy so much from popular apps has not fully found its way to healthcare. Digital healthcare is already transforming healthcare overseas and I am excited to raise awareness of its latest developments in NZ

Nasya Christabelle
Events Logistics Team Member

Nasya is an undergraduate BSc student majoring in Psychology and Statistics in The University of Auckland. She is one of the Event Logistic team members with interest in how modern technology could be implemented to further discover new solutions in the mental healthcare systems

Avinash Jeyashankar
Social Media Lead

Hi! My name is Avinash Jeyashankar. I completed my Bachelors in Health Sciences at the end of 2020 and am currently pursuing my Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences, specializing in Health Informatics and Public Health. Although I was born and brought up in Auckland, New Zealand, my heritage stems from Sri Lanka!

My interest in Healthcare Technology has been brought about from a bridge between my passion for healthcare, particularly developed through my degree, and my long-standing love for technology. My experiences of working with technology in healthcare at ADHB and HealthAlliance has given me considerable insight into the technology used in the health systems around New Zealand, and I hope to use my knowledge to improve the effectiveness of these further so that we can achieve equitable healthcare outcomes for everyone and focus on creating patient-centred care!

Outside of Uni and Work, I spend a lot of my time with my music – I’m a Carnatic Musician (South Indian Classical Music). I play the Mridhangam specifically (a percussion instrument)!!

Claudia Lyu
Social Media Committee

Hi, I’m Claudia, currently doing bachelor of pharmacology in University of Auckland. I am originally from Beijing, China Beijing, but have been staying in New Zealand for 6 years now. I can speak Chinese, English, some German and some French don’t know if I can call myself multilingual . I’ve always been fascinated about healthcare technologies, because of the rapid development of times many living souls do not know much about the new healthcare technologies. My goal is to help them to learn more about modern healthcare technologies so that it may improve their life quality and make things much easier for them. Lastly, one fun fact about me, I’m crazy about going to PUMP class in school gym :p

CVR Shastry
Insights Specialist

CVR Shastry is currently pursuing Masters in Health Informatics at AUT. He is proactive, passionate, and fascinated about the Health Informatics domain and Health Tech space, and the pioneering innovations and applications in this industry. He is specifically keen on emerging technologies in healthcare applications, and the disruptive healthcare trends as we know it, from a technological, sociological and cultural perspective. As an advocate of technology playing a crucial role in assisting health professionals in diagnosing, operating, and providing better patient care, he is interested in seeing a marriage of conventional medicine, including traditional healing systems, contemporary cutting-edge technological advancements.
As a part of the HTANZ family, CVR intends to see HTANZ grow into an influential voice behind the developments happening in this area over the next 5-10 years, notably among the student community.

Beyond the classroom and workspace, CVR has multiple interests, including playing sports (mostly ball sports and swimming), volunteering and serving with conservation and sustainability initiatives, a bit of travel and hiking, and trying new activities which keep me physically, mentally and socially active, vibrant and stimulated.

The Founder of HTA

About The Founder - Christiane Zhao


Christiane Zhao is a New Zealand born, health IT young professional who is interested in the application of technology in healthcare and its related ethical and real-life consideration across the global. She is an active participant in different health-tech professional events in U.S., New Zealand and China. She is also an active member of HIMSS, HiNZ, AIMA, HL7NZ, IT Professionals NZ and AHIMA; as well as RYA(Royal Yachting Association), ASA(American Sailing Association) and the NZ Hand Gliding and Paragliding Association.

She is looking forward to meeting new people and connect people together across the healthcare and technical fields, which helps to provide better quality of care and lower cost of care for the population.
For further information, please check out her Tumblr and Linkedln.
She was the president from Feb 2018- Aug 2019. Now, she is currently acting as a Global Advisor during her time away in Boston, United States.
You can also e-mail her through: christianezhao@gmail.com 

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Membership is open to students, health providers, technicians and other professionals interested in healthcare technology. Corporations and individual corporate representatives are also welcomed as members!

If you have any questions about us, our business or our team, we’d love to hear from you through healthtechhta@gmail.com. Thank you.

Sanjana & Jacques
Co-Presidents of HTA

Welcome to our community

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