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Who We Are

Healthcare Technology Association is a community for professionals and students interested in applying technology in healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. We discover insights and advance knowledge by using technology to accelerate healthcare transformation. As a community, we aim to create an open and respectful environment across sectors, connect people and further adopt healthcare technology. We arrange social events and share the latest industry information with our members. We're seeking individuals passionate about the future of healthcare technology.

Why Healthcare Technology?

Every day, people benefit from technologies used to accelerate healthcare’s transformation, from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Electronic Patient Records, PACS Imaging and more.

Technology accelerates innovation in the healthcare industry and improves and promotes positive outcomes, safety, and efficiency across the population.

We believe the benefits of technology go beyond the patient population within the healthcare system. Technology reduces pressure on healthcare providers’ pressure on work, which optimises resource allocation across the industry.


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Reach out to learn more about us, and what we do.

Conferences & Meetings

We host events that bring together a mix of healthcare providers, founders, and industry leaders. Our meetings and conferences discuss the most significant challenges and opportunities currently facing the community.

Powerful Consultants & Corporation Partners

We collaborate with high-tech companies, medical professionals and other individuals - both domestically and internationally. We want to help you make connections.

We're a Growing Community

We invite business leaders, academics, and industry insiders who are in related fields to join as members. We collaborate with other organisations and companies to provide you with as many resources as possible. For further information about the events, follow us on social media, and keep in touch.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Global Healthcare Technology

We release professional articles and interviews about issues of interest in healthcare technology, and select articles or reports which are related to healthcare and technology globally.

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Our newsletter delivers information on the latest innovations in healthcare technology. We hope to forge partnerships with key players, both domestically and internationally - to offer more services and collaboration in the future.

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